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Our Services

Our service is free to our clients. Our fundamental objective is to help our clients achieve the best possible profit margin out of their property, with no risk to them. Our first service is to give advice whether the subdivision can be done or not. This is based on professional opinions from town planners and surveyors. If we believe a subdivision can be achieved we will offer you a price and explain the reasons why. There is no obligation whatsoever and we also invite your family members, solicitors, financial planners, and any other advisors to help you make the right decision.

All property values are differed, and depending on, among other things:

  • Location of the property
  • The quality of the front home,
  • Access to the property,
  • Steepness of the land,
  • Whether it is an ‘owners corporation’ subdivision or not (common area)
  • The cost of the subdivision.

The cost to do the subdivision can vary significantly depending on numerous factors such as size of concrete drives, changes to existing homes, upgrading of infrastructure, the cost of building a new house and contributions to various authorities. We get professional advice on all these factors and then make a joint decision on the best way to proceed with the application. All these factors are risks that we take on and again there is no financial risk whatsoever to our clients if the town planning permit application is not successful.

Should you have any further questions please click here to email us and email us.

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