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Our Clients

Our clients range from retirees who still want to live in their own home yet find the backyard too big or unmanageable and often havenít got the funds for a subdivision that can cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

Even the prospect of getting a town planning permit to subdivide the backyard is a daunting one for many people and if not done correctly one may lose thousands of dollars.

Other clients havenít got the time or the know how to subdivide their backyard and thatís where we can help.

Other clients are looking to build an investment property in their backyard and we have the experience and know how of pointing them in the right direction.

This service is free to our clients. Obtaining town planning permits and project managing a subdivision can take up to 18 months so it is important that home owners do their homework before they proceed.

Should you have any further questions please click here to email us and email us.

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